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  • Supply chain emissions management
  • Emissions reporting, from CBAM to CSRD
  • Auditable carbon accounts

Whatever your question, we have carbon accounting experts on hand to help you discover how to benefit from a software that enables you to manage your emissions.


What to expect

We can answer any specific questions you may have, but typically the conversations with our team include the following:


Group 175

Speak with a carbon expert


Group 171-4

Operations and supply chain mapping


Group 172-Feb-10-2022-01-44-47-37-PM

Explore your current carbon management programme


Group 173

Introduction to the Emitwise platform


Group 174

Suggested next steps and timelines


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Manage carbon, no matter how complex your operation and supply chain.

With Emitwise you benefit from...


AI-powered automation

AI-powered data management and calculation allows accuracy at scale across your organisation and supply chain.


Carbon Accounting Experience

Continued quality-assurance and support from leading carbon experts, giving you confidence in your decarbonisation strategy.


All-in-one platform

Centralise your emissions data in one secure platform, allowing the stakeholders you want, access to the carbon data they need for decision-making.


“Decarbonizing supply chains requires breakthroughs in using technology and data in new ways to simplify the challenges of managing complex value chains. We are excited to partner with Emitwise to help our clients reduce their carbon impact and support our efforts to decarbonize our own supply chain.”

CBRE’s Chief Sustainability Officer, Robert Bernard