Future-proof your business for a net-zero world

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Carbon accounting technology that embeds carbon into your business decisions

Three simple steps to climate action

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Widen your lens- Understand the total footprint of your operations and supply chain.

High precision accuracy-  Granular details about your footprint with full calculation transparency.

Actionable carbon insights- From a detailed carbon footprint to a net-zero roadmap.

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Save time & resource- Spend more time reducing emissions than reporting them.

Reports on tap- Emissions data that keeps up with you and your reporting needs.

Results you trust- Designed by carbon accountants, our platform goes beyond compliance.



Get Set- Identify carbon hotspots and set science-based targets to reduce them.

Stay on Track- Monitor your progress towards the target instantly through easy to decipher dashboards.

Confidence to Act- Take actions based on accurate data and pivot when needed.

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“Emitwise saves us invaluable time in data collection, processing, and analysis that we can now use to focus on minimising our carbon footprint.”

Head of Sustainability at Great Portland Estates